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Birdwatching packages with local interpreters.


One-day Pacakage (at least 6 people)

  • Finca Suasie entrance fee with local guides.
  • One snack.
  • Up to 6 hours of stay.
  • Hot beverage in the house at any time
  • A meal, it can be breakfast or Lunch with fresh and local ingredients also enjoyable for vegetarians.
  • Assistance card with Colasistencia. For more info visit www.colasistencia.ne
  • Check-in: 9:00 a.m., check-out: 4:00 p.m. If you include additional breakfast you can enter from 6:00 a.m.

One night lodging (at least 2 people)

  • Finca Suasie entrance fee with local guides.
  • One snack.
  • Hot beverage in the house at any time.
  • Lodging in shared room.
  • Three meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with local products also for vegetarians.
  • Assistance card with Colasistencia. For more info visit colasistencia.net.
  • Check-in: 3:00 pm, check-out: 4:00 pm

Note: If your travel itinerary does not match the schedules of the plans please let us know so we can see how we can reach an agreement. Parking included for all plans.

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Conirostrum rufum

Conirostrum Rufum. Photo: Marcela Avellaneda

Finca Suasie offers its visitors the option to spend the night in our house, located in the mountain with a beautiful view of mountainous landscapes and a peasant atmosphere where you can interact with the local people and get to know their culture and customs a little. There you will always have a hot drink to recharge your energy and food made with products from the region to make this an autochthonous and unforgettable plan. Our idea is to offer a simple and quiet environment to share experiences and rest of the walks and routes. We recommend a stay of at least two nights to better know the areas surrounding the routes and the environs of the farm.

Birdwatching Walks.

Tours with local guides or interpreters..

Just five minutes from the house you will be able to access the planned routes for bird watching and be in contact with the fog forest. The designated routes offer some type of difficulty to a greater or lesser extent and form a circuit by which to cross from one sector to another in the territory. Do not forget to ask for a recommendation for the choice of route if you are worried about the level of physical effort required.

For the walks it is recommended to wear impermeable clothes or in its defect a waterproof coat, as well as a warm garment. A pair of comfortable and waterproof boots are essential.


Rooms with view to the “Rio Blanco” basin.

Our house consists of four rooms of which we offer three to visitors. There are two internal and one external bathrooms. The rooms can be shared by a maximum of two people. The social areas offer ample spaces to be able to share after each day the experiences of sighting.

Hummingbird room

This is a room with two single beds and a shared bathroom with the Tángara room . Through the window that looks out to an exterior viewpoint you can see numerous swallows at all times on the wide landscape that gives the Río Blanco basin.

Tanager room

The tanager room offers accommodation for two adults in a single bed. It has a view to the exterior viewpoint of the house from where you can see the Río Blanco basin. Swallows and hummingbirds are constant neighbors on this side of the house. The bathroom is shared with the Hummingbird room.

Parrot room

The Parrot room is located on the north side of the house overlooking the entrance garden. It can accommodate two adults in simple accommodation. The bathroom is shared with the administration.


Regional dishes with local ingredientsThe cuisine in Colombia is as varied as the relief of its landscapes. In the interior of the country we usually use ingredients such as the “pastusa” potato and the “criolla” potato to prepare dishes such as the ajiaco. Within the menu of the peasant cuisine you can also find ingredients such as beans, cob, green beans and corn flour for the preparation of the famous mazamorra typical of this region.

On the way back, after every walk enjoy the cundi-boyacense gastronomy with dishes prepared with local and fresh ingredients.

If you are a vegetarian you can also enjoy these typical foods. We recommend you let us know in your reservation just as if you are allergic to any particular ingredient or food.

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