Birds species in Suasie state

In Colombia, on the eastern mountain range, very near to Bogotá, is located Finca Suasie, a place that has been preserved reason why it has a large ecosystem of cloud forest. The farm belongs to the Rio Blanco reserve and is a bordering or adjoining zone and biological corridor with the Chingaza National Natural Park (PNNC). Located at 3100 meters above sea level, this place of cloud forest is home to more than 200 species of birds, among which are endemic, almost endemic, in vulnerability, common and migratory species. This is one of the reasons why the farm was chosen by Audubon and some governmental organizations as one of the important points in the Eastern Andes Route for birders in Colombia.
With the nationally and globally growing demand in bird tourism , Finca Suasie aims to offer interested parties a fresh proposal of observation walks, full of nature and contemplation. Here you can observe the birds recorded at Finca Suasie from the eBird platform.

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Thanks to all the people, specialists and neophytes that with their time, patience and knowledge have made possible the identification of the species currently listed.

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