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Bird tourism is one of the main (but not unique) attractions at Finca Suasie. Amateur and professional visitors involved with bird tourism have the opportunity to find exotic bird species in their natural habitat, as well as those already known in other regions across the country.

Avitourists will have a bird species watching list updated by ornithologists in the field with which to identify their best bird photos. With the growing demand in bird tourism nationally and globally, Finca Suasie aims to offer interested parties a fresh proposal in Colombia tourism of observation walks, full of nature and contemplation.

While some of the bird species can be observed in the vicinity of the lodge, most of them, including the most exotic ones, are found in the surrounding forests. It is there where we invite our guests and birders to tour and observe bird species in the quiet of their environment.

“Finca Suasie” is located within the “Rio Blanco” and “Rio Negro” Natural Reserve, its primary forests and its great water resources are the home and food source of more than 90 species of birds, endemic, almost endemic and some migratory that go touring other areas of the country. Some of them park on the farm and then take the biological corridor to Chingaza Park.

Among the most important species we have the Phyrrhura Callyptera, Andigena Nigrirostris or toucan bird, the Trogón Personatus, among others more that you can observe in our checklist of birds and whose identification was made by the University of the Andes, the ABO and Lizeth Burbano, Victor Rivera, Javier Hidalgo and Diego Ochoa.

A list of all the birds identified to 2017 in Finca Suasie lands. Thanks to the Research Group of the University of the Andes to the ABO (Bird Association of Bogotá) and to the ornithologists Lizeth Burbano, Victor Rivera, Javier Hidalgo and Diego Ochoa.

Species Photographed
Accipiter striatus
Acropternis orthonyx
Amblycercus holosericeus
Ampelion Rubrocristatus
Andigena nigrirostris
Anisognathus igniventris
Arremon torquatus
Asthenes flammulata
Atlapetes pallidinucha
Atlapetes schistaceus
Basileuterus luteoviridis
Basileuterus nigrocristatus
Buarremon brunneinucha
Boissonneaua flavescens
Buteo platypterus
Buteo swainsoni
Buthraupis eximia
Buthraupis montana
Cacicus crysonotus
Cacicus leucoramphus
Caprimulgus longirostris
Carduelis spinescens
Catamblyrhynchus diadema
Catamenia analis
Cathartes aura
Chalcostigma heteropogon
Ciccaba albitarsus
Cinclus leucocephalus
Cinnycerthia unirufa
Cistothorus platensis
Coeligena Helianthea
Coeligena torquata
Colibri coruscans
Colaptes rivolii
Conirostrum rufum
Conirostrum sitticolor
Coragyps atratus
Cyanolyca armillata
Dendroica fusca
Diglossa albilatera
Diglossa caerulescens
Diglossa cyanea
Diglossa humeralis
Diglossa lafresnayii
Dubusia taeniata
Ensifera ensifera
Eriocnemis cupreoventris
Eriocnemis vestitus
Geranoaetus melanoleucus
Glaucidium jardinii
Grallaria quitensis
Grallaria ruficapilla
Grallaria rufula
Grallaria squamigera
Haplospiza rustica
Heliangelus amethysticollis
Hellmayrea gularis
Hemispingus atropileus
Hemispingus superciliaris
Henicorhina leucophrys
Iridosornis rufivertex
Lafresnaya lafresnayi
Lesbia nuna
Lipaugus fuscocinereus
Margarornis squamiger
Mecocerculus leucophrys
Mecocerculus stictopterus
Metallura tyrianthina
Myioborus ornatus
Myiotheretes Striaticollis
Myiotheretes fumigatus
Myornis senilis
Notiochelidon murina
Nyctibius griseus
Ochthoeca diadema
Ochthoeca fumicolor
Ochthoeca frontalis
Ochthoeca rufipectoralis
Otus albogularis
Pachyramphus versicolor
Parabuteo leucorhous
Patagioenas fasciata
Patagioenas subvinacea
Penelope montagnii
Phrygilus unicolor
Phyllomyias nigrocapillus
Phyllomyias uropygialis
Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii
Piculus rivolii
Pipreola arcuata
Premnoplex brunnescens
Pterophanes cyanopterus
Pygochelidon cyanoleuca
Pyrrhomyias cinnamomea
Pyrrhura calliptera
Ramphomicron microrhynchum
Schizoeaca fuliginosa
Scytalopus griseicollis
Sericossypha albocristata
Setophaga petechia
Setophaga fusca
Sturnella magna
Systellura longirostris
Tangara vassorii
Thripadectes holostictus
Troglodytes aedon
Trogon personatus
Turdus fuscater
Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus
Uromyias agilis
Vanellus chilensis
Vireo olivaceus
Zonotrichia capensis