FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING is committed to and actively involved in the sustainable development of tourism, and invites you to participate in this initiative taking into account the following recommendations:

  1. Maintain a responsible behavior with the environment: do not remove or destroy the vegetation, do not feed the wild animals, walk on the trails and speak in a low voice, rationally use water and energy, dispose of garbage properly, separate and recycle.
  2. Do not buy or sell species of fauna and flora. The illegal trade of species is sanctioned in Colombia with law 17 of 1981.
  3. Please keep a courteous and friendly treatment with the local communities, respecting their culture and traditions, favoring their way of employment (crafts, products characteristic of the region, Etc.) in a fair and equitable way.
  4. The services and programs can be modified or suspended, in their realization, order and content; in order to offer a better service to the client, to adapt to unforeseen events or reasons of majeure .
  5. The food is of peasant type with local products in its majority, that includes the vegetarians; for vegans or diets different to our dishes, let us know and on the value we will increase an additional on the base rate.
  6. Table with hot drinks (Coffee, tea, aromatic is self-service). 9:30 am – 7:00 pm.
  7. FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING does not guarantee any reservation until the client and / or agency receives the total payment of the reservation, in any case the expenses arising from administrative processes and / or cancellations by the client and / or agency, will be charged and / or discounted for administrative expenses.
  8. FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING, reserves the right to interrupt the routes or service if the minimum ethical and moral codes for the proper execution of each program are not complied with, so that visitors in a state of drunkenness and / or under effects of psychoactive substances or in general in any state that violates the moral integrity of the visitor, fellow travelers or groups as appropriate.
  9. Law 124 of 1994, ARTICLE 1. Prohibits the sale of intoxicating drinks to minors. The elderly person who facilitates intoxicating drinks or their acquisition, will be sanctioned in accordance with the norms established for the dispensers in the National or Departmental Police Codes. ARTICLE 2 The minor that is found consuming intoxicating drinks or in state of drunkenness, must attend with its parents or attending to a course on prevention of alcoholism to the Colombian Institute of Familiar Welfare or to the entity that makes its times.
  10. FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING recommends for seniors and people with health problems to consult with their doctor before and travel with a companion in order to anticipate any unforeseen
  11. The children’s admission to the FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING can only be made in the company of their parents and / or with an authorization signed and authenticated by them.
  12. FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING sells routes that require physical effort, it will be the visitor’s decision to carry them out.
  13. FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING It will include in all the destinations, card of integral attendance for the traveler, remember that the first procedure to be attended is to call the exchange. (It does not include pre-existences. For your information read the general conditions of the Assistance Card). In the event that the visitor wishes to make the trip without including the medical assistance card, he / she must assume personally and in full the risks and costs that may be caused by the trip and that are covered by the card (such as: location and compensation due to loss of luggage, medical assistance, medication, hospitalization, emergency transportation, transfer of a relative if necessary, payment of airfare difference due to medical incapacity, assistance in case of loss of tickets or documents, etc.) , exempting FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING from all liability.
  14. FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING reserves the right of admission.
  15. FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING does not guarantee the sighting of each of the birds identified within its grounds due to migratory, feeding and overnight stays of each species.
    • 60 days before departure, a refund of 90% of the total value of the plan will be made.
    • Between 59 and 30 days a refund of 80% will be made
    • Between 29 and 15 days a refund of 70% will be made
    • Between 14 and 8 days before departure 50%
    • Between 7 and one day before the visit 30%
    • Cancellations on the same day of the visit 0% of the funds
  17. If the cancellation was due to force majeure reasons, the administration will consider, depending on the reservation situation, to be able to move the such reservation to a new date with availability at an additional cost.
  18. NO-SHOW CANCELLATION POLICY: Confirmed reservations, which are not canceled or modified before the visit, will be billed as no show, for which the value equivalent to the total of the reserved plan will be charged as a penalty.
    The farm does not refund money once the requested service has been confirmed.
  19. CLAUSES OF RESPONSIBILITY. FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING, is subject to the liability regime established by Law 300/96 and decrees 1075/97 and 53/2002; restrictions apply and we reserve the right to make changes to the route according to unforeseen circumstances. TRAVELER apply restrictions and fines for non-compliance or cancellation of travelers in accordance with legal norms and according to the commercial custom in tourism, subject to penalties of Law, for non-compliance of the user in favor of In all our plans applies article 16 of the law 679 of August 03 of 2001, on the protection to minors on prostitution.
  20. The visitor, representative or intermediary declares that he / she knows and accepts these conditions and waives any claim against FINCA SUASIE BIRDWATCHING & LODGING, companies involved and / or their workers or employees.