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Frequently Asked Questions2021-03-08T11:22:09-05:00

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What considerations, preparations should I make before going?2024-07-02T10:50:47-05:00
  • Don’t bring pets.
  • Please bring your body towel.
  • Visit us in the company of members of your family nucleus or people with whom you live.
  • Consult with your doctor if you have any history or heart or lung condition.
  • If you are a pregnant woman, it is advisable to consult with your trusted doctor.
  • The accompaniment of minors by their parents or an adult with written authorization from them is mandatory.
Are specialized bird guides included in the fare?2017-09-11T20:06:05-05:00

No, this is an additional service.

Can I be present and help with farm trades?2017-09-11T20:07:17-05:00

Yes, you can have the experience of a peasant life, like milking and making cheeses, among others.

Is there a translator in the house?2017-09-11T20:07:50-05:00

Yes, we have a translator from English to Spanish

Am I going to pass through the moor of Chingaza Park?2017-09-11T20:08:17-05:00

Yes, you will cross part of the park until the 3,550 masl to arrive at the farm.

Can I arrive at any time?2017-09-11T20:08:40-05:00

No, only with prior reservation.

Do you have a shower with hot water?2017-09-11T20:09:06-05:00

Yes, the house has two bathrooms with electric shower.

What is the best time of year to visit Finca Suasie?2017-09-11T20:09:25-05:00

All the time is ideal for bird watching.

What should I bring when visiting Finca Suasie?2017-09-11T20:10:56-05:00

Here you can find our recommendation of the things to bring during your visit.

Do minors pay the entrance fee?2017-09-11T20:11:32-05:00

Children under 3 years old do not pay the entrance fee.

Will I have a way to recharge my camera and / or phone during my visit? Do I need a special adapter?2017-09-11T20:12:41-05:00

Our home has 24-hour electric service, suitable adapters are for a 110 volt power grid that we use in Colombia. If you need more information here we will leave you this link.

Do you need VISA to enter Colombia?2017-09-11T20:16:03-05:00

You should check this link to know if you need it. It all depends on yourorigin country.

I am not interested only in bird watching. What else is there to do?2017-09-11T20:18:04-05:00

You can walk on our trails, breath clean air and enjoy the beauty of the landscape which are attractive, inspiring and invite you to meditation and relaxation.

What is your policy regarding children within Finca Suasie?2017-09-12T09:28:18-05:00

We have no problem with children as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Maybe it would better if they can walk already.

What is the smoking policy?2017-09-11T20:18:56-05:00

Inside the house you can not smoke, outside you it is allowed.

What is the Finca Suasie entering and leaving policy?2017-09-11T20:22:05-05:00

The entrance is realized announcing the arrival for the allocation of the room according to the reservation in the afternoon hours. The exit can be at any time but must be announced for a inventory survey.

Do you offer transportation to other birdwatching places or do I need to rent a car?2019-07-02T11:29:07-05:00

We can give you the contact of some people who have public service cars so you can coordinate directly with them

What is your suggestion regarding tips?2017-09-11T20:25:22-05:00

If you wish you can tip, but it is not obligatory.

I am vegetarian. Will I be hungry?2019-07-02T11:30:35-05:00

NO, we have regional dishes that vegetarians can also enjoy, for Vegans we can offer you the service only with an additional fee.

Do you have a list of birds in your area?2019-07-02T11:35:32-05:00

Yes, you can find it through ebird we are as Finca and Reserva Suasie

What other animals can I observe at Finca Suasie?2017-09-11T20:29:53-05:00

Besides the birds, there are wild mammals like Andean bear, borugos, cusumbos, squirrels, among others. And also farm animals like cows, geese, trout, hens, dogs.

Can I bring my pet?2017-09-11T20:31:28-05:00

No, pet’s entrance is strictly forbidden.

Are there dangerous snakes on the premises of the Finca Suasie?2017-09-11T20:31:56-05:00

No, the few species out there are harmless.

Do I need yellow fever and / or malaria vaccines to visit Finca Suasie?2017-09-11T20:33:04-05:00

No, it is not necessary because of the altitude.

Is the water potable?2017-09-11T20:36:18-05:00

Yes it is. We also have treated water so you can drink it with confidence. Guests can drink water directly from the tap or if they prefer in a bottle. However we encourage our visitors to carry their own containers and thus decrease the use of plastic inside the reserve.

Which tour operators make tours to Finca Suasie?2024-07-02T10:57:13-05:00

Currently we have the agency Andes Ecotours as a tour operator to help those who wish to visit.

Will I have food if I arrive late at night?2017-09-12T09:50:34-05:00

Yes, you will have.

Will I have food if I arrive late at night?2017-09-12T09:37:03-05:00

Yes, you will have.

What happens if my flight is delayed?2017-09-12T09:51:28-05:00

We are grateful to our visitors in transit to notify us as soon as possible of any changes to their arrival flight itineraries to make the necessary adjustments to our

What happens if my flight is delayed?2017-09-12T09:39:30-05:00

We are grateful to our transit visitors to notify us as soon as possible of any changes to their arrival flight itineraries to make necessary adjustments to our logistics.

What are the payment policies and claims of the Finca Suasie?2017-09-12T09:47:03-05:00

You can see our payment and claim policies here.

What are the payment policies and claims of the Finca Suasie?2017-09-12T09:42:31-05:00

You can see our payment and claim policies here.

How high is the Finca Suasie?2019-07-02T11:40:28-05:00

The Suasie farm runs from 3,380 masl. to 2,950 masl., the house and trails are approximately at 3,100 masl.

What are the average high and low temperatures at Finca Suasie?2017-09-12T09:57:38-05:00

In daylight hours it can reach between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius on a sunny day, with fog averaging 9 to 10 degrees Celsius. In the evenings the temperature can drop between 4 to 6 degrees Celsius.

What is the currency in the city of Bogota?2017-09-12T09:58:55-05:00

The currency is the Colombian peso (COP), as well as in the rest of the national territory.

Are there any dangerous insects in Finca Suasie?2017-09-12T09:59:40-05:00

No, there are not.

How do I get Finca Suasie?2017-09-12T10:02:24-05:00

Finca Suasie is located one hour from the village of La Calera. From the city of Bogotá, take a bus on the 72nd street with a race 13 that will take you to La Calera, from there we will arrange with you how to transport it. You can also get instructions here.

Is the transportation fee from the airport or the city of Bogota included in the lodging costs?2017-09-12T10:04:05-05:00

No, these are additional services.

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