Cyanotype is an ancient process of photography. It consists of impregnating a support with a photosensitive emulsion. An object (leaves, flowers, photographic negatives…) is placed on this support. When exposed to sunlight, the image is fixed to the support. When developed with water, unique images emerge in a Prussian blue.
In this workshop, designed for those who are becoming familiar with or want to incorporate this technique; you will know the recipe so that later you can develop it in your home or workshop.
This workshop is accompanied by a tour of one of the farm’s trails where you can collect the material for the compositions.

Key moments in the visit:

  • Welcome
  • Breakfast
  • Basic knowledge
  • Paper preparation
  • Tour of the trails and collection of material
  • Compositions
  • Lunch
  • Close. Tea ceremony.

Available with the plan: One day plan or Lodging plan
Addressed to: All people
Materials included: yes
No. of beings: Minimum 2 in Lodging 5 in One day. maximum 35