Silencing our words opens a path for us to perceive and encounter the sounds of nature. Conscious contemplation and breathing make this a moving meditation. Encounters with nature have proven on various occasions and times its benefits for the comprehensive health of human beings due to its effects, helping to reduce the stress and anxiety of daily life.
A place between the mountains, where you can walk in peace, breathe clean air and reconnect with nature and the immense vegetation.
We will enter the “forest of the Fairies” with short and leisurely routes, here you can also enjoy spaces of solitude in the middle of the trees.

Key moments in the visit:

  • Welcome
  • Breakfast
  • Salute to the mountain
  • Reading and reflection in the fairy forest
  • Lunch
  • Clousure: Tea Ceremony

Available with the plan: Lodging plan or One day plan
Addressed to: Over 18 years
Materials included: Yes
No. of beings: Minimum 2 in Lodging 5 in One day plan. maximum 35