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Do you want to enter the fascinating world of birds, learn more about them, their behaviors and their habitas? Discover how you become more observant and awakens in you a greater sensitivity towards the natural? This brings the practice of bird watching, a very healthy experience, something you can enjoy as a family, with friends or just alone. You do not necessarily have to have the academic knowledge to be a birdwatcher, it is an exercise that is open for anyone to do it.
The workshops we offer are made according to the group. Tell us and we will design a workshop for you, the workshops leaders are highly qualified people who have an extensive knowledge of birds in this cloud forest ecosystem. We also do workshops that we will be promoting through our social networks.

Minimum group: 8 people.
The value depends on the workshop you want. Request info.


The retreats and meditation workshops are the product of our own experiences, the invitation is to approach nature in another way. With respect, silence and opening our senses, to allow ourselves to be flooded with the freshness that nature has and to leave behind that which stresses us.
The retreats and meditation workshops consist of some breathing exercises and a walk called forest bath, (inspired by a similar activity developed by the Japanese people), we immerse ourselves in the green of the trees, in the dew of the mist and the song of the birds, leaving behind that heavy load that carries our ego. We are absolutely respectful of different beliefs and this is why everyone is welcome.

Minimum group: 5 people
The value depends on the days you want to stay.
If you have a proposal for similar workshops and already a group, tell us so we can offer you the space. Rquest info.


A plan for friends or family, who like to walk without worries in the middle of the mist, contemplate the freshness of the trees, let themselves be captivated by the beauty of the orchids or simply breathe and fill the lungs with fresh air.

We will accompany you on this tour, also if you wish we can tell you stories of our ancestors and if you prefer you can walk alone, the place is very safe and you will not have any problems getting lost.

Minimun group: 5 people
This does not have an additional value to the value of the plan you choose. Request info.