Nature heals, comforts and feeds the spirit, which is why at Finca Suasie we open the doors, so that your employees, who are the engine of the company, have a wellness experience in the middle of the forest. We design the plan tailored to your company, with an environmental approach, teamwork and creativity.
This pampering immersion experience will reconnect you with nature where you can activate your senses. The different workshops and experiences are aimed at botany, ornithology in high mountain species, as well as wellness tourism (or wellness) combined with artistic techniques.

The workshops will be coordinated by people with experience in each subject. Tell us about your group and we will organize the workshop for you.

Key moments of the visit:

  • Welcome
  • Breakfast
  • Salute to the mountain
  • Observation race along the trails
  • Lunch
  • Clousure: Tea Ceremony

Available with the plan: One day plan.
Addressed to: All people.
No. of beings: Minimum 10 maximum 35