The cloud forest is very rich in biodiversity, fauna, flora and in general all living organisms, but its greatest treasure is water.
It is better that the very same forest be the teacher, and invites you to enter this magical ecosystem where the trees upholstered in moss, the vegetation in which some animals inhabit various plants, animals, through exploration with the senses.
Bringing children closer to this ecosystem is very important for them to see how valuable it is for our lives, respect for the earth, makes us better human beings and assume responsibility and care for our planet from an early age.

This sensory workshop is aimed at girls and boys, where through their senses they will explore the forest and its inhabitants on a journey through five seasons.

Key moments in the visit:

  • Welcome
  • Breakfast
  • 5 station route
  • Lunch
  • The gift from the forrest
  • Clousure

Available with the plan: One day plan.
Addressed to: All people.
No. of beings: Minimum 6. Maximum 20